Mommy Monday: Emilia's 10 Month Update!

Sorry this post is about 3 weeks late!!  But we were in Italy when Emilia turned 10 months so I haven't had a chance to film with her/write her 10 month post till now.  Here's what's been going on this past month and a bit! 

Height/Weight: She is still not due to have these measurements taken till after her first birthday!  I do think she lost weight while we were on holiday though...a couple of people who hadn't seen her since before we left mentioned that she looked like she'd lost some of her baby chubbiness - probably from all the crawling around! 

Routine: Because we went on holiday this month, Emilia's routine changed quite a bit but now that we're back home here's how it looks:
9am Wake up, snuggle in bed with mommy & daddy.  Watch Peppa Pig for a bit while I finish getting ready.
10am Breakfast with mommy!  
11am She plays on the floor while I clean up the breakfast things and vaccuum/do laundry/etc.
12pm I bring her back upstairs to her nursery and change her into her clothes for the day.  Then I nurse her to sleep in the rocking chair and put her down for her nap.  Recently she's been taking one reeeeally long nap for 2-2 and 1/2 hours instead of two separate ones.  This has been ever since we got back from our holiday!  
2/2:30pm Lunch time!  
3pm We usually do floor-time again/play with her toys in the afternoon - but this is where it gets tricky because she needs sooo much more entertainment! We read books, play games & she crawls all over the house after me!  Otherwise we go out & run errands if we need to.  
5pm If she took her very long nap she usually stays awake until dinner and eats a small snack in her exersaucer - otherwise she goes down for another short half hour nap.  It all depends on that particular day!
7pm Dinner time!  We always eat dinner as a family - both Jonathan and I think that's really important!  
8pm After dinner is bath-time and Emilia is now in the big bath-tub (no more baby bath!).  Then I brush her teeth & hair, put on her lotion & pj's and read her a bedtime story.
9pm We aim for a bedtime of 9pm but again, these times are kind of rough and depend on the day.  I nurse her to sleep in the rocking chair with a bedtime story and she goes down into her own crib for the whole night.  (Yay!)

Sleeping: Like I said, Emilia is now sleeping through the night and is still going the whole night in her crib with the door shut & the monitor on.  Sometimes she wakes during the night and fusses a little bit but now that she's in a routine she will put herself back to sleep and knows that she doesn't come out of her nursery till around 9am the next morning.  I still loooove cuddling her though so I always bring her into our bed in the morning :) 

Eating: We're still doing baby led weaning and it's working great for us!  Emilia is such a good eater and when we were in Italy everybody would always compliment us on how varied & diverse her diet was!  Her favourite food is still CHERRY TOMATOES - she could eat a whole bowl of those in one sitting!  But she is not fussy and will try anything you put in front of her.  She even tried baby octopus in my uncle & aunt's house in Naples and didn't bat an eyelid :)  For breakfast she usually eats 1/2 a portion of porridge with one banana and some other fruit/blueberries.  She has just started feeding herself with a spoon and will try to drink with her sippy cup.  For lunch she usually has cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, bread and/or whatever else we happen to be having.  For dinner she eats whatever we're eating and for dessert she usually has a yoghurt (although when we were in Italy she got ice-cream...and loved it!).  For snacks she still loves any kind of fruit and her cheese & tomato puffits.

Sizes: Emilia is wearing 9-12 months and 12-18 months clothing (depends on the brand/item of clothing) and size 4+ nappies.  

  • She has now started saying "this" and "doggy" which sounds more like "dudden" which is exactly what I used to call dogs when I was a baby :)
  • She can clap, point & wave good-bye
  • She has 8 teeth with more bottom ones coming in and possibly a molar coming up too.  
  • She is crawling (forwards now!) very fast and just started to pull herself up to standing position.
  • Her new favourite thing to do is try to climb things or stand up holding onto pieces of furniture/people/etc.  This can be quite scary/dangerous though so I have to keep my eye on her at all times!
  • Sleeping through the night is one of the best things to have happened since having Emilia...ha ha ha!  It makes everything so worth it!  
10 Months Postpartum
Last month I said that I had gained a little weight after beginning the weaning I am only breastfeeding twice a day (three at the most, if she is very fussy or teething!) and I actually lost about 5lbs when we were in Italy.  I'm not sure if it was the hot weather or just a better diet but I am happy either way as I now weigh less than my pre-pregnancy weight and am the same as what I was for my wedding :)  

Until next month!  

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