Sorrento Day 1!

Siamo arrivati!  We've arrived! :)  Yesterday was our first day in Sorrento and Emilia did great...initially I was a bit nervous of how she would react to all the travelling and how she would cope in the heat, new surroundings etc. but she is a trooper!  Here she is eating her first mozzarella in carrozza (obsessed!) although I did end up nursing her about 20 times that day.  I think this was just how she coped with the whole experience - today she was a lot better as we are more settled.  

Emilia was very good on the plane, I nursed her during take off but not landing and she was completely fine!  The only stressful part was feeding her breakfast, which was a very messy and cramped experience...ha ha ha!  She did get a little bored towards the middle of the journey but thankfully we didn't have any screaming tantrums ;)

This was the pretty light cotton dress she wore yesterday evening!  It was a gift from a viewer and is from Tesco F+F.  It also comes with little panties underneath.  I packed mostly light airy dresses like this for Emilia as I think they're easiest and more comfortable to wear in the heat!  Here she is wearing the hot pink headband & bow from Layniebug Designs but unfortunately she kept it on for all of about 5 seconds :(  She won't even keep a hat on...I'm so afraid of her head getting burnt!  If anyone has any tips  let me know!

For my outfit of the evening, I wore my tie-dye maxi dress from Velvet with a skinny blue leather belt (ASOS).  Many of you may remember this from when I was pregnant!  

I'm so happy to be taking this trip with my mama & sisters along with my own little family!  It is such a wonderful experience for Emilia to be close to her Oma & aunties...she already idolises my sister Erika!  Everything Erika does makes her laugh, it's so cute to watch!  

Stay Stylish!

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