Sorrento Day 2!

Yesterday we spent the morning at our hotel pool! Emilia napped in her stroller with her UV protective cover over it (this thing is a keeps her stroller dark, cool and her skin out of the sun while she is napping so she doesn't miss out on her sleep during the day even when we're on the go!).  She did not like the water at all much to the disappointment of her daddy :(  I think the initial shock of the cold water was a bit too much for her!  Her cute pink gingham bathing suit is from Pumpkin Patch and my bikini is from Debenhams' Ultimate Beach range.

Like I said in my Day 1 post, Emilia has been extremely clingy towards me since we began our holiday making it very difficult to do simple tasks like get ready/shower/edit videos/write blog posts...whereas before she was always totally happy to hang out with daddy (she LOVES her dad!), now it's all about me.  Although admittedly this does make me feel rather special, it gets frustrating quite quickly as the minute I put her down to do something she either screams & cries or fusses and crawls frantically towards me.  I know this is most likely just a phase and also part of getting used to her new environment and she will probably be back to her normal self by the time we get home :)  *cough*fingers crossed*cough*!

My outfit of the night!  I'm wearing the maroon Vero Moda maxi dress I got for 9.95 with a Zara belt and Dune flip flops.  I love the length of the dress as it's not too long and doesn't swamp me as most maxi dresses do!  

Stay Stylish!


  1. which hotel did you stay at? looks beautiful in the youtube videos :) -Justina xo

    1. Justina - I was looking at visiting Sorrento, I googled "SacconneJoly and accommodation Sorrento" and this popped up The hotel is called Bellevue Syrene.

      Have a great day!



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