What I Ate Wednesday!

Flahavan's Organic Quick Oats w/almond milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries & cinnamon.  I swear every Wednesday like clockwork I revert back to this breakfast!  All the other days this week I've been drinking green juice and then BAM!  Today I got a craving for porridge again...sorry to be so repetitive and boring!  One of these days I'll show you guys how I make my juice :)

Chickpea salad from GoGo's - made with tomato, peppers, coriander (I'm guessing here!!), olive oil, feta cheese (I think) and red onion.  It's super yummy and Emilia had the same thing as me!

Salmon fishcake with basmati rice, baby spinach & cherry tomatoes.  This was delicious...the fishcakes are from Tesco's Finest range and they also do a spicy prawn one which is equally yummy!

Nescafe Mocha with a few Oreos...accompanied by my new Vanilla Lime Yankee candle!  (No I didn't eat the candle...but you will want to when you smell it!)  

My next What I Ate Wednesday post will be from Sorrento - yay!  What did you eat today? 

Stay Stylish!

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