Baby's First Scan & Autumn Candle Haul!

Today I did not get a chance to film as we have had a busy few days with our first OB appointment/ultrasound this morning (which dragged on as we ended up waiting for over an hour!) and my sister stayed over at our house for the past two nights.  Now that she's gone I miss her :(  It was nice having her around and both Emilia & the puppies really enjoyed her visit!  

As anxious and nervous as I was before our doctor's visit, thankfully everything went very well and we got to see (not hear - yet!) the baby's heartbeat.  Phew!!  What a relief to know that all is well.  We go back in 2 weeks for another scan...I'm also unsure about my due date now because my cycle was so irregular due to the fact that I am still breastfeeding and only ever got two postpartum periods, both at very different times.  We will find out more at our next appointment!  But in the meantime I am just so happy to have seen our little bean :)  Meet Baby Saccone Joly #2!

Yesterday Erika, Emilia & I checked out the Yankee Candle Shop as I've been so jealous of all my American friends posting pictures of their autumn candles on Instagram!  Autumn is my favourite time of year (like a lot of people, apparently!) and I get so excited when I think of all these yummy warm scents, Halloween, leaves changing colour, Thanksgiving, autumn fashion & baked goodies...mmm!  These were the items I picked out from the "new scents" section, I got a large candle in Vanilla Chai along with some tea-lights & one mini candle in the same flavour.  The other scent they had on display was Salted Caramel so I picked up a mini candle and two burnt orange candle holders for our dining table.  Lastly, I bought one of the Pure Radiance Reed Diffusers in Creme Brulee which I think I will put in our downstairs bathroom.  They also had a discounted Halloween section from last year's stock which I was extremely tempted by but I have decided to wait...*sigh*  I suppose it is still only August!

Hope you're all having a great week so far!


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