Cute New Outfit & The Yummiest Sandwich!

I'm so in love with Emilia's face in this picture!  She's such a little character :)  I picked up this cute little outfit for her in Boots Mini Club yesterday - I had never seen their clothing before but I was really impressed!  They have some lovely stuff & their items are good quality too.  This little striped top & navy blue leggings are size 12-18 months.  We also picked up some pyjamas and Peppa Pig wellies for Emilia's birthday party ;)  

Yesterday I also went out for lunch with my mom & sisters at a new cafe called House Cafe at the Cork Opera House.  The food is simple but very good and the atmosphere is relaxed & kid-friendly so it was perfect for Emilia!  I had the most delicious mozzarella, spinach & eggplant sandwich on sourdough bread...yummy!  This was by far the best sandwich I'd had in a long time!  Emilia had a half portion of the Caprese salad (her favourite!).

I hope you're all having a good weekend!  I can't believe tomorrow it will be September...that means it's almost Emilia's 1st birthday!!


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