I'm Pregnant Again!! + 8 Week Bump Update

Some of you have probably already guessed it but yes, it's true...I am pregnant again!!  We are expecting little Baby Saccone Joly #2 on March 24th 2014!  I found out three weeks ago and actually wanted to wait longer to announce it but last time we did it at 8 weeks and I felt like I owed it to everybody...plus a lot of people already had it figured out anyway.  I think with a daily vlog it is virtually impossible to hide anything - what with being sick, going to the doctor's, the low blood pressure, etc. etc. I guess it was kind of obvious!  

So Emilia is going to be a big sister and she will be 1 and a half when he/she gets here!  We are so excited and happy...initially I did not think I was pregnant because I took a test in the bathroom of a restaurant when we were in Sorrento after feeling extremely nauseous and like I was going to be sick/pass out...it was negative!  However this was in the evening and the pharmacist had told me to take it in the morning (bad girl!), otherwise it was just too early to tell.  But when we arrived home Jonathan just had a feeling and convinced me to take another test that we happened to have in our medicine cupboard so I did...the positive result showed straight away!  I was so emotional...I am still breastfeeding so I wasn't sure if I would be able to have babies so close together like I wanted.  

Anyway, I can't believe we are doing weekly bump updates again!  I feel like I have deja vu!

How far along? 8 weeks (my weeks change over on a Monday, just like last time...weird right?!)
Total weight gain: 2lbs...ish.  When I got back from Italy I was quite a low weight of 114.8 which I believe is probably from being sick and the low blood pressure, etc.  I do generally feel my best and most normal weight is 115-120lbs.  So I'm just going to say 115 was my starting weight as I think 114 is too low for me!  Right now I'm happy to report that I weigh a healthier 117lbs which was actually my starting weight when I had Emilia so that makes me feel a lot better!
Maternity clothes?  Not yet!  But I do feel like I'm probably going to need them a lot sooner this time!
Stretch marks?  No new ones...yet :)  Though I'm pleased to say that my bellybutton stretch marks that I got when I was pregnant with Emilia seem to have faded nicely!
    Sleep: I honestly feel like I am sleeping ALL THE TIME.  I am so tired & fatigued that I can't physically get through the day without at least one nap!  My sleep has unfortunately been quite interrupted though as Emilia has been waking in the night almost every night lately :(  I don't know why, she was doing so well and now it seems we've hit a little road bump.  
Best moment this week: Probably Emilia walking on the grass outside our house assisted by her little wooden car.  That was so cute :)
Miss anything?  My energy...can I have it back please?!  I can't wait to feel normal again!  My skin being good & breakout free like it was in Sorrento!  And my full nights' sleep!
Food cravings: Not really.  The only thing I will say is that I've been gravitating towards healthier foods lately rather than unhealthy ones.  I don't know is that just my body's way of telling me something!  
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Yes!  Everything :(  I have been feeling really sick lately...and just like last time the mere thought of drinking coffee makes me want to hurl!  
Gender: I have no idea...but I would definitely be happy with either :)
Labour signs: No!
Symptoms: Extreme fatigue, nausea/morning sickness/whatever you want to call it, hormonal acne, bleeding gums (don't remember that from last time!) and I am almost always thirsty for water!
Belly button in or out?  In!  It never popped out last time even though I was kind of waiting for it to!
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or moody most of the time: I'm happy to be pregnant and I feel so grateful but at the same time the nausea & tiredness has been making me super moody :-/
Looking forward to: Our first scan in two weeks!

That's it for week 8!  I still can't believe I'm really pregnant...I think I'll feel a lot better once we see him/her in the ultrasound & hear the heartbeat!  Want to compare my bump pics from last time's?  Click here to see my 8 week bump update with Emilia :) 



  1. I know Eduardo is already here but congrats anyway. (My three girls are 364 days apart)

  2. And now you're pregnant with number 3!!!

  3. And now you're pregnant again with baby #3!! Yayyyy!!!!!

  4. And now number 4! Haha :) God bless you!

  5. And now pregnant with baby number 4! Haha :) God bless you!


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