What I Ate Wednesday!

Breakfast (10:30am)
Organic porridge oats with almond milk, apple slices, blueberries & cinnamon!  I had this along with my usual black coffee & two glasses of water.  I've been adding apple to my porridge recently instead of banana and I really like the combination of flavours!  It tastes a bit like an apple crumble :)

Lunch (2:30pm)
Today is a horrible, rainy & quite miserable day so some comfort food was needed!  For lunch we all had tomato & basil soup (Cully & Sully - our fave) and I had mine with 1/2 a bagel dipped in.   

Coffee Break (4:30pm)
This was my 2nd coffee of the day...I just take mine black!  I used to have it just after lunch but now I've found I enjoy it more if I have it later in the afternoon.  We drink Cork Coffee Roasters or Lavazza coffee by the way :) 

Dinner (7:30pm)
Spinach & ricotta tortellini with mascarpone sauce!  Soooo good!  I normally pick a different sauce just to make it a little healthier but Jonathan loves this one...oh well ;) 

Evening Snack (around 9:30/10pm, I can't really remember!)
Later last night I met with my two other mommy friends for a girls' night in and got served this gorgeous frothy, milky latte in a pretty pink cup!  I also had one of those fruit & oat biscuits but I forgot to take a pic...sorry :/

I tried really hard to drink lots of water during the day but in all honesty I probably got about 6 glasses total.  

That concludes this week's What I Ate Wednesday!  Next week I'll try to actually have it up on Wednesday...ha ha ha :)  Feel free to share yours in the comments below!


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