Dressing My Mini Bump!

Here's what I wore today...I've been feeling a lot better lately, thank god!  The worst of my morning sickness seems to be over although it feels like my bump has doubled in size!  It's not visible at all in this picture because of the angle but trust me...it's true!  I think I look like I did 20 weeks pregnant with Emilia!  

I love this GAP cardigan so much for autumn and seeing as today was a little chillier I took the opportunity to break it out.  The shirt is by Tommy Hilfiger (old - have had it forever) and the jeans are by Zara.  My leopard print ballet flats have a gold chain detail at the toe and were from New Look...these are also extremely comfortable!  My bangle is by Farrell & Brown which you can buy at Meadows & Byrne.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! :)


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