Emilia's 1st Birthday!

It's official...I have a 1 year old!  Eek!  I can't believe it!  My little baby is technically no longer a baby but a toddler!  (Even if she hasn't quite mastered the art of toddling yet!)  Here are a few pictures from Emilia's big day.  Her reaction to all of her presents & cake in the morning was so cute...I think she was excited but a bit overwhelmed!  

A better look at the cake I made...I ended up staying awake till 2am baking, frosting and decorating it!  But it was so worth it :)  I just baked a basic yellow cupcake and buttercream frosting recipe for 24 cupcakes from my Betty Crocker book.  I tinted the frosting pink with food colouring and used my Big Top Silicone Bakeware to make a giant cupcake.  I baked it in the oven at 175 degrees Celsius for about 45-50 minutes and then frosted it & decorated with Dr. Oetker edible paper flowers and sugar flowers around the top.  

The birthday girl after opening her presents...she was glued to Peppa Pig!  Good thing she got lots of Peppa presents ;)

After her nap we went Emilia's Oma's house for lunch and she got to unwrap even more presents!  She loved everything, especially the cards!  I think she thought the cards were books...what a cutie!

And this was her beautiful birthday outfit - the dress is from Billieblush in Brown Thomas and the cardigan is by Bonpoint.  She is wearing the slate grey bow and light pink headband from Layniebug Designs.  You can't see her shoes but she wore her white leather bow shoes from Next.

I really hope Emilia had an amazing 1st birthday - all I know is that she was absolutely shattered by the time bedtime rolled around so I think I will chalk that up to being a success!  Now I am bracing myself for her birthday party on Saturday...and praying for good weather!  Happy Birthday princess Emilia, you are the best little girl your mama could ever have wished for! 


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