Sunday Croissants with Emilia!

Another breakfast shot!  This time it was Sunday croissants for brunch...we had a bit of a lazy morning!  I'm also really loving our new Nespresso machine - some might say I've become a bit of an addict!  Good thing you can get decaf capsules too ;)  

Emilia enjoyed her croissants too!  She actually got half a chocolate one & half a plain one (we all know she's going to be a chocoholic like her daddy!).  We bought her birthday presents this afternoon and hid them in the car so she doesn't see them till the big day!  I am so excited for Wednesday but a little bit sad at the same time...I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones or is this just normal mommy feelings but everytime I think of her turning one I start to tear up!  I can't even explain it - I just can't believe how much she has changed and grown in the short space of one year.  I know everybody says it but the first year goes so fast and before you know it your tiny newborn baby is a cheeky little toddler with a personality of their own.  And you're left reminiscing and sobbing like a crazy person...ha ha ha!

Bracing myself for an emotional & busy week! 


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