Halloween Decor 2013!

Seasonal table in our living/dining room.  All candles and holders are from Yankee Candle, pumpkins are from the Farmers' Market, felt bats are from Lidl a few years ago and black/purple roses are from Hanley's Seasonal Shop.

Our dinner table

Love this candy cane scented candle from Yankee Candle! The other one I got was Trick or Treat. I smelled another one while in the shop called Happy Halloween and didn't like it. These two are very sweet & dessert-like which I love :) They make the house smell yummy!

Laundry room door - the wreath is from Hanley's (2-3 years ago) and the felt pumpkin decoration is from Lidl.

Hall/entry way - I can't remember where I got the felt witchy bunting from...maybe a craft shop? And the pumpkin lantern & decorations are from my mom a few years ago.

This creepy welcome sign lights up and is from Hanley's (last year). We used to hang it on our front door but now we keep it inside as it likes to blow away when it gets too windy!

Trick or Treat sign on our downstairs bathroom door (right at the front entrance). I bought this at Hanley's this year.

Our Halloween wreath (this lights up too) also from Hanley's Seasonal Shop, bought this year.

Spot the cute baby! Ha ha ha! :) Emilia is obsessed with the Halloween decorations - everytime I put a new one up she gets excited and wants to touch it or say hello. Holidays are so much more fun with children :)


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