Fashion Friday: Warm Wool

Jumper/New Look Maternity, Leggings/Selected, Boots/London Rebel, Earrings/Orelia, Bracelets/Dyrberg Kern & Tiffany's, Necklace/Swarovski, Lipstick/Rimmel Airy Fairy

It's been so cold here this week, all I want to wear is wool! This outfit is particularly cosy & comfortable for the chilly weather, with the knitted jumper and wool leggings. I also love that although the leggings are not maternity, if I undo the zips at the sides it gives my bump room to grow! I feel like my belly at 21 weeks looks like it did last time at 28 weeks! It's huge! As much as this pregnancy is going by very quickly, sometimes I forget that I'm only just over halfway because of how much bigger I look and I expect to feel huge kicks & movements even though they are still quite faint & fluttery. It can be confusing!

I took these pictures by myself using the tripod as Jonathan was away all day and Emilia was down for a nap (not that she could have taken them...ha ha ha! I just thought I'd mention that!). What's cool about her nap schedule is that although she's only down to one hour and 1/2 nap a day, she is now going to bed an hour earlier. Which means more free time for mommy & daddy :) Woo hoo!

I hope you're all having a lovely Friday! I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving! 


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