Style Saturday: Black on Black

Top/ASOS, Maternity Jeans/ASOS, Boots/Ravel (ASOS), Earrings/Orelia, 

Today is my first baby girl Sina's 3rd birthday! I can't believe she's 3 and already has 4 kids...ha ha ha! This was actually Monday's outfit and the first time I wore my Ravel boots from ASOS. They are surprisingly really comfortable! I'm impressed. I think they have about a 3.5 inch heel, they're not stiff in the front and break in very easily. I'm still really disappointed about the stains in my black maternity jeans though! :( As I mentioned in a recent vlog, they were absolutely lovely until I washed them the first time and they came out covered in white-ish stains. A few of you mentioned using liquid rather than powder detergent and washing them inside out - but I had done all of these things! I'm afraid I will have to dye them which is kind of a pain. Other then that I love how they fit and they don't attract hair which is a plus, especially with 6 white doggies ;)

We didn't buy Sina a present this year (only because all the dogs already have way too many toys/beds/treats/everything they could ask for!) but her birthday pupcakes are in the oven and we're taking her & Albi with us to my mom's house for dinner which is a special treat :) I haven't even thought much about my birthday tomorrow...Jonathan asked me to give him a wish list of items that I want but I found it so difficult to come up with anything! I honestly feel really happy and grateful for everything I have at the moment! Maybe if Emilia were out of nappies or if I weren't pregnant again I would have asked for a nice bag but right now it just isn't practical! I will wait a few more years :) 

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! I will be uploading another fashion video tomorrow instead of Friday as I wanted to include my birthday outfit :)


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