Beauty Tuesday: Holiday Nails!

Today I filmed a nail tutorial on how I give myself an at-home manicure, using my favourite holiday polish - Essie's Leading Lady. My nails are sadly not in the best condition right now as this pregnancy has brought on more splitting and breakages than I've ever experienced before! It's strange because usually my nails are quite strong & healthy and when I was pregnant with Emilia they looked their best. I was able to grow them really long...this time it's completely the opposite!

My nail routine hasn't changed all that much over the are my favourite products to use: 

Nail polish remover (I just get mine cheap from Tesco - not pictured here) 
Cotton pads
 Orange stick (you can get these from Boots or Sam McCauley's)
Cuticle oil (I'm using the Red Carpet Nails one)
Glass nail file
Barry M Topcoat Basecoat and Nail Hardener (I use this as my base coat)
 A good quality nail polish like Essie's Leading Lady (my favourite brands are Essie & OPI)
OPI's RapiDry Top Coat (a must for quick drying, shiny looking nails!)

Two coats of polish will usually last me about 3-4 days and three coats can last for up to a week. I love Leading Lady for the holidays as it's a very festive red with just the right amount of sparkle! :) 


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