Blogmas is Back! My Week in Pictures #1

Happy 1st day of Advent! And welcome to Blogmas 2013! Some of you might remember I did Blogmas last year (blogging everyday in December) - well this time I'm doing it again but kicking it up a notch by doing Vlogmas too. It will be a challenge but I'm definitely up for it. I hope you guys enjoy and will come along for the ride, whether you prefer blogging or vlogging ;)

To start things off, I've decided to bring back My Week in Pictures on Sundays to round off the week nicely. These are my Instagram snaps from the week! 

A rather boring shot of my breakfast, but not much has changed! I am still loving my porridge, almond milk, banana, blueberry & cinnamon combination! :) My mom got me the Barbie cup from TK Maxx.

The day after Thanksgiving I started decorating for Christmas already! I just couldn't help myself...I put out our Christmas placemats (they were a wedding present from Germany), our runner, a couple of small decorations, our stockings and we put up our tree. We haven't quite gotten it decorated yet's huge so it's a big task getting it all done! My bowls in this picture are from Meadows & Byrne and the mug is from TK Maxx.

We went to Nando's for lunch yesterday and Emilia did her new favourite thing...colouring! She loves it - I need to buy her some colouring pencils or crayons for at home. Right now she just uses markers that I have lying around the house which isn't very practical! I can't get over how big she looks in this picture! She is almost 15 months...the time is going so fast!

Emilia has decided she prefers watching Peppa Pig on the grown up sofa from now on! She gets into a fit of giggles everytime she's allowed up on her own (we surround the place with cushions) and has learned how to get off by sliding backwards. We even put Albi & Sina's old steps that they used to use to get to our bed so that Emilia can climb up on her own! Who knew those little doggy steps would come in useful for toddlers too ;)

See you tomorrow for more Blogmas fun!


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