Happy Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve! I'm sorry that my Blogmas posts have been pretty much non-existent over the past two days but this week has been crazy! I literally have not had a free moment to sit down and blog, let alone film a video. I hope to return to regular posting soon but in the meantime, here are some snaps of our evening as well as a little look at how I decorated for Christmas :)

Our seasonal table, complete with an opened Advent calendar! 

Emilia stroking Theo's new Santa suit! Each of the doggies got one today. When we put them on Emilia went around to each dog touching their suits!

My new cinnamon candle and poinsettia :)

Jonathan serving dinner like a total freak. (Yes he knew I was taking the picture!)

I lit all of my little candles & night lights for a cosy, festive evening. Emilia loved looking at them all!

Nighty night from my house to yours & I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow! Santa Paws came to us pretty early tonight as Emilia was out like a light by the time bedtime rolled around. I can't wait to see her reaction tomorrow morning!


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