My Week in Pictures!

To round the week off, I like to give you guys a little look-back on what I got up to through my Instagram shots! Here's my week in pictures from Dec. 9th - 15th!

I got my anatomy scan (which was actually pretty tough going...the doctor has to lean really hard on my belly when he's getting a good look at everything on the ultrasound! At one point I thought I might cry!). But everything turned out perfect & we got a good shot of the baby's face (above - creepy!!) and another confirmation that he is definitely a boy (below - ha ha!). 

Tried out a new look on my nails this week which I love! White with gold accents. I used OPI's Alpine Snow for the white and a Barry M nail paint for the gold. (It didn't have a name, but I think it's from their foil collection as it has a gold top - I got it last Christmas!)

As you know we went to Fota Island's Believe to visit Santa! Before meeting him we got to ride on his sleigh :) 

Happy 3rd week of Advent! It's going so fast...I actually got confused this morning and thought it was the 2nd week because we weren't home last Sunday. Oops!! Our wreath is from Dunnes Stores - I got it last year. I also did a bit more decorating in our house yesterday now that the bulk of the T-shirt stuff is out of there. I will do a proper blog post on our Christmas decor when it's all done.

Hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday and a wonderful Advent!


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