Throwback Thursday: Daddy's Girl!

Last week I shared a picture of me with my mom so this week I thought I'd share one with my dad! Sadly this is one of the last pictures that was taken of the two of us together. I keep it framed in my house as it's very special to me. I was about 19 or 20 here, so it was about a year before he died. We were in Kinsale for the day with my family & brother Stefano who had come to visit. What I remember the most about this day is how FREEZING cold my dad & I both were! We always had a lot of things in common, and feeling the cold was no exception! I remember spending most of this walk huddled together in our matching trench coats! We both felt the cold more than anybody else in my family...and I am always thankful that Emilia inherited her warm blood from her daddy, as she always seems to be nice & toasty :) 


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