What I Ate Wednesday {A Bit Late!}

Here's what I ate today! I'm sorry for the lack of posts yesterday but I was home alone with Emilia for pretty much the entire day and didn't get a spare minute to film or blog :( Unfortunately today didn't really go as planned either but better late than never right?!

This morning Emilia & I both had Flahavan's Hi8 Muesli with hot milk (I had almond, she had whole milk) and 1/2 banana. I also had a decaf Nespresso & my Spatone which I'm taking now as my iron supplement. It is working wonderfully! No more nausea - thank god!

I had a panino with tuna, mayo, cherry tomatoes, cucumber & babyleaf rocket salad. Nothing special but this is what I usually have when we're at home!

Dinner was super late...but we had chicken stir fried in some olive oil with some veggies (these are the Luxury Stir Fry ones from Green Isle), black bean sauce & basmati rice. 

Decaf latte with almond milk and a Snickers bar! I loooove my Barbie cup so much! My mom got it for me in TK Maxx. It has a little white poodle on the back :)

And that's it! What did you eat today? You can watch my video of today's eats below:


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