What I Ate Wednesday

I know it's been a while since I did one of these...and after about 70 billion requests I've decided to bring back What I Ate Wednesday! :) So here is what I ate: 

Flahavans Hi8 Muesli (our family's new obsession!) with light soy milk and a decaf nespresso. As you can tell I started the day off diligently trying to drink my water...like always that situation got progressively worse! I always start with the best intentions and then end up forgetting all about it!

We ate lunch at Jam today, as we had gone to Hanley's Seasonal Shop & Garden Centre to pick up some more Christmas lights. I got the butternut squash soup which came with brown soda bread. Yummy!

When we got home at about 4:30pm I was really tired so had a quick snack of an apple with some peanut butter. I'm loving peanut butter at the moment for some reason...I can't get enough of it! Emilia loves it too :) 

Mixed pasta (spinach penne & regular fusilli) with ground turkey bolognese and lots of grated parmesan cheese. This was actually really good - we only mixed the pasta to use up what we had in the cupboard but it turned out to be quite delicious! :)

A few Cadbury's Roses. These aren't even my favourite Christmas sweets but it was all we had in the house in terms of treats! Anyway it's not like I'm complaining!! I personally like all the nut or caramel ones the best :) What's your favourite?


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