Style Saturday: Cupcake Princess!

Today Emilia was invited to her very first birthday party (aside from her own!) and this is what she wore. Her skirt is actually age 6-9 months but only just fits her now. It is from Boots Mini Club Bows & Arrows range. (Bought in September 2012, I don't think it's available anymore...sorry!) I love the pretty tulle underskirt & the deep turquoise colour! Her top is a onesie which was part of a set from Carters. The tights are from Boots Mini Club and the headband/bow are by Layniebug Designs.

As I've mentioned before on our daily vlogs, Emilia will soon be moving bedrooms. I am planning on moving her out of the nursery and into the cupcake room as I don't want her to associate the arrival of her baby brother with being "pushed out" of her old bedroom. At the moment the cupcake room is where I film most of my videos & store all my makeup. Emilia LOVES it so much...she is constantly running in there to look at all the twinkly lights & dinky ornaments or pull out all of my nail polishes & makeup :) It's so cute. However today she took it a step further and climbed into the bed, snuggled up under the blankets and refused to get out! I am taking this as a very good sign...I think she is definitely ready. Of course I'm a bit nervous about how she will take the first few nights but seeing as she transitioned from our bed to her crib so easily at 8 months I'm not too worried. She has a pretty solid bedtime routine set in place which won't change so that should help (I hope!). This bed is not staying's too big and high up for her right now. We are buying her a single, lower, wooden white bed which has safety rails.  

I am so excited for her to move into her new room and also to start decorating the nursery for our baby boy!


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