What I Ate Wednesday: My Lunches for the Week

For today's What I Ate Wednesday I wanted to do something different and show you guys what I ate for lunch everyday this week! I started this on Friday, so here's what I ate Friday through Wednesday (today).  

We ate at Table restaurant in Brown Thomas as we were in town. I had the winter salad, which consisted of chorizo, butternut squash, artichoke, rocket and balsamic vinaigrette.  This was good but quite light, I usually would eat more but we were going out for dinner that night so I wanted something small. When I'm not pregnant I always get their goat's cheese salad which is delicious too! 

Toasted ham & cheese panino with cherry tomatoes on the side (otherwise they explode everywhere if I put them in the sandwich!). I grilled this in the oven & used fully mature cheddar and crumbed ham. The bread is by Panelto. Emilia loves this lunch too! 

My picture from Sunday got deleted by accident :( But I had a chicken salad panino with the same bread, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, chicken & light mayo.

We ate at M&S as we had brought Emilia to a kids' play area/ball pit next door to that. I had a mixed sandwich on multi-seed bread. Basically this consists of 4 different fillings in one sandwich, chicken salad, ham & cheese, prawns & egg mayonnaise. I like this one because you get more variety than just one boring sandwich! 

We had a doctor's appointment at 12pm so on the way home we stopped by Subway! I got the Subway Melt which consists of a 6" sub with ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce & cucumber. I don't add any sauce to it and get it on Italian bread.

Toasted tuna panino with cucumber, light mayo and cherry tomatoes. Again, this is with the Panelto bread. As you can tell we are liking panini right now :) 

Those were my lunches for the week! Let me know if you liked this post and if you did I will try and do more of these when I can. I was thinking of doing a week of what I ate for dinner next...I won't be doing breakfast though as that's pretty much the same everyday so that would be a very boring post!! 


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