What I Ate Wednesday

Flahavan's Hi8 muesli with light soy milk (we were out of almond), 1/2 a banana and a pint of water with Spatone (iron supplement).

Little miss heard me snapping pictures of my breakfast and I heard her saying "cheeeeese!" Ha ha ha! So I couldn't help but take some of her too. For breakfast Emilia had a banana with peanut butter and some orange juice (always diluted with water). She's on a banana kick lately but hasn't been liking cereal. She goes through funny little phases all the time!

Chargrilled chicken pasta salad with pine nuts from Centra - it comes with baby spinach and a few more baby tomatoes than pictured here (I got hungry...sorry!). This is both light & filling at the same time with only 351 calories, not to mention the fact that I just love pasta salad...I could eat it everyday! 

Jonathan made chicken chow mein with gluten free noodles, sweet peppers & a rather strange addition - peas! Emilia loves peas (and sweetcorn) so we have started adding them to everything! Once again I apologise for my crappy photo taking skills...I'm no food blogger that's for sure! No matter what I do, dinner always ends up looking like a heap of slop...ha ha! But I promise it tasted better than it looks!

Now here's a proper latte! I made this using our Nespresso Latissima+ machine, organic whole milk (this froths the best) and a Vanilio capsule. A lot of you guys advised me that drinking milk before bed might help my heartburn...now I know coffee is supposed to have the opposite effect but these lattes are very light & since I've been drinking one a day for the past couple of days my heartburn has almost completely gone away! Tonight my milky drink was accompanied by some Cadbury's fingers...ugh, I forgot how good these were! 

That's what I ate today - what did you have? Feel free to link your WIAW in the comments below :)


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