Fashion Friday: Almost Spring

As the days get brighter and less gloomy, we are celebrating what looks like the beginning of spring with some pastel colours & lighter hues! These maternity jeans from ASOS and leggings are pretty much the only pants that fit me anymore. The pink & cream heart jumper is by New Look Maternity and when I first purchased it I thought it looked awfully bell-shaped and didn't love the way it fit. Now in the last month of pregnancy I am grateful for that extra fabric! I can't remember where my scarf is from...I think it was a gift. The brown leather shearling boots are from LoveClothing (about 2 years ago) and up until recently I had been seriously considering donating they were gathering dust at the back of my closet. But now I am so glad I didn't! I guess I've rediscovered my love for them and have been wearing them quite a lot lately as I'm limited to the flats department. The pearl bracelet was part of a wedding gift from my mom that she bought me in Sorrento.

Emilia's peachy pink leggings are from Zara and her "Cuddle Me Quick" top was a gift from Target (I think!). She is also wearing a light pink headband & mint bow from Layniebug Designs and her Clark's shoes. And yes, those are her Ugg cleaning products she's hugging in the pictures above...ha ha ha! 

We hope you're having a fabulous Friday! 


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