Fashion Friday: Mommy & Toddler Style

Today's outfit features one of my new jumpers from ASOS Maternity. I've been wearing this a lot since I got it - I love the pattern & although it is warm and snuggly for the winter, I still feel like I can breathe in it. The sleeves have "holes" in them (the correct term is probably wide stitching or something but I don't know anything about knitting - sorry!) so when worn with a tank top it actually feels quite light & airy. This is important when pregnant as sometimes you can feel like an oven...ha ha ha!

My jeans are also by ASOS Maternity but as you guys probably already know, I don't recommend them as they faded pretty badly after only one wash! :( The boots are by Dune from about 4 years ago, and ever since I've had to stop wearing heels I've been living in either these or my UGGs. 

Emilia's outfit was a birthday present from Marks & Spencer, she is wearing a light pink headband & lavender bow from Layniebug Designs and her shoes are Twinkletoes by Skechers (they light up!)

I also picked up a new maternity coat from ASOS in the sale which was a total steal, reduced from €112 to €33! The best thing about this style is that it can easily be worn when not pregnant and you wouldn't even know it's maternity!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


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