Beauty Tuesday: February Favourites 2014!

I didn't have a lot of favourites for the month of February but the ones I picked are definitely worth mentioning! So here they are:

Vivienne Westwood Mon Boudoir Perfume
My main beauty purchase last month was the Vivienne Westwood fragrance. I had been looking for a new "signature scent" for a while, ever since I stopped using Vera Wang Princess. I still love that perfume but wanted something more grown up. I'm a big fan of sweet, girly, floral scents and after shopping around for about an hour, smelling all different types of perfumes I finally settled on Mon Boudoir. If you have the same taste in scents as me you'll probably like this one...but what really sealed the deal was the pretty pink bottle :) I love how it looks on my dresser!

GHD Eclipse Professional Styler
I didn't buy my GHD in February but hadn't done a proper review or update on it here it is. I love this thing! The Eclipse is the fancier, updated version of my 6 year old version that finally gave up & died last December. It looks sleeker, more elegant and heats up in seconds. I only need to straighten my hair twice a week and on the other days it still looks straight & doesn't need to be touched up!

Revlon Primrose Lipstick
It's not that often that I change my lipsticks or veer away from my 1 or 2 favourite shades but I received this as a gift last month and have been reaching for it quite a lot. It's a pretty, cool-toned, matte, Brigitte Bardot pink. 
Zoya Vanessa Nail Polish
This is in between a red and a pink - it's not too vampy for spring but still has a deep berry hue to it. I love Zoya polishes anyway...they're safe for pregnancy, super good quality and long lasting.

Oral B 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste
It probably seems a bit weird to put a toothpaste as a beauty favourite but I felt this deserved a mention. I've been using & repurchasing it for over a year now and it is the only toothpaste I'll ever use! The reason being it keeps my teeth looking really white without any whitening treatments. So many toothpastes claim to do this but don't work - this one does! It is quite expensive (almost €5 a tube!) but you can get them on offer from time to time and in my opinion, it's worth the price!

Aveda Shampure
Aveda Calming Body Cleanser
Aveda Replenishing Body Moisturiser
The Aveda products are not strictly my favourites - they're actually Emilia's! My skin (on my body) has always been normal. I can use pretty much any product under the sun and it won't have any effect on me...Emilia on the other hand seems to have the same skin as her dad - both are very sensitive and quite dry. She started breaking out in a rash last month and has always had dry patches so I knew it was time to change up her skincare. I started using these Aveda products which are all-natural and smell amazing! So far I can see a huge difference in her skin. It cleared up completely and the body moisturiser has gotten rid of all her dry patches. I don't even need to use it every night and her skin still remains soft! I'm so impressed - so if any of you suffer from similar issues you might be interested in this range. They're not cheap but they do work. I will add that we don't use all of them every night, we usually alternate every other day between using these and bathing Emilia in just water.

Watch my February Favourites video here!



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