Fashion Friday: On A Roll!

Happy Friday! I hope you've all had a wonderful week. Mine has been super productive as my sister Erika has been babysitting Emilia every morning from 10am till 1pm. This enables me to get so much done before the usual slump of exhaustion I normally get in the late afternoon! By freeing up my mornings I've been on a roll filming videos, editing blog posts, doing laundry & sorting little people's wardrobes, ha ha ha! I am so grateful to have some sort of help at this late stage of pregnancy because I know things will be crazy when the new baby gets here! 

Onto my outfit of the day - I realise that it looks a whole lot like this outfit but what can I say, my wardrobe is limited right now! I am wearing a nursing/maternity top from Boob which I got last spring with a plain white tank top from Heatons underneath. My leggings are from ASOS Maternity and the boots are by the brand Blink (I got them from LoveClothing almost 2 years ago). I don't remember where I got the scarf...I think it was a gift! But it is super soft & cosy. My bracelets are the set of 3 and my birthstone from Alex & Ani. The earrings are from Orelia and my gold Scorpio necklace used to be my dad's. On my lips is Rimmel Kate lipstick in 03 (my favourite nude) and on my nails is Essie's Mint Candy Apple. I went to the Maryborough Spa on Wednesday for a pre-labour pampering session and got a prenatal massage (my last one!) and a mani/pedi. I wanted something bright & cheery for spring and to welcome our baby boy! :)  

I am so in love with Emilia's outfit of the day! It's such a pretty spring outfit with the pastel pinks & creams but of course when we went to the park the leggings & cardigan got destroyed! :-/ Her cardigan and the tunic dress are both from Carters and the leggings are from Baby Gap. Her shoes are by StartRite and have little cupcakes on them! (Found a similar style here.) She is wearing the baby pink bow & matching headband from Layniebug Designs. Jonathan said her cardigan made it look like she was making her Holy Communion, ha ha ha! He was actually right - when she wore it closed that's exactly what she looked like!

Here is the video we made together of our outfits of the day, if you're interested! :)
Have a fabulous Friday!


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