What I Ate Wednesday {11.3.14}

Here's what I ate yesterday (I am super organised with my videos/blog posts this week, ha ha!).

Natural porridge with light soy milk, 1/2 banana and cinnamon. I also drank a pint of water with two Spatone!

I know I'm being really boring with the toasties lately but we're just going through a panini obsession since we got that sandwich press! It's actually been good for our budget as we hardly ever eat out for lunch anymore - these are so good! Yesterday I had a ham & cheese toastie with rocket & cherry tomatoes on Panelto bread.

Afternoon Coffee
After we got home from my doctor's appointment I needed a little pick-me-up so I had a vanilla Nespresso (black).

For dinner I was craving smoked salmon pasta with cream cheese...I don't know why! So we finally made use of our Valentine's heart shaped pasta that we got from my mom (some of them are pink - you can't really tell the shapes from this picture though!). Jonathan made this with smoked salmon, some lemon juice, garlic & herbs Philadelphia & cherry tomatoes. It was amazing...totally hit the spot!

I usually have quite a sweet tooth but lately I've been craving the salty stuff. So for my "dessert" or late snack I had Tucs crackers with cheddar cheese!

I also drank some more water - probably about 6 cups throughout the whole day! You can watch my What I Ate Wednesday video below:


What did you eat today? Feel free to link your What I Ate posts in the comments below!


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