What I Ate Wednesday {5.3.14}

Natural porridge with almond milk, 1/2 banana and cinnamon. Emilia has apple cinnamon & raisin porridge with honey, the other half of my banana and orange juice! I also had a big pint of water with 2 Spatone (liquid iron supplement).

I don't really know if you would call this brunch...it was more like mid-morning coffee but it came in between breakfast & lunch! I took Emilia with me to my friend's house for a playdate and had a frothy latte and hot cross bun with strawberry jam :)

When I came home it was lunch time and Jonathan brought me a toasted panino in bed as I was exhausted! He made this one with chicken, cheddar cheese, rocket & black pepper. I also had another pint of water and he was even kind enough to remember my Rennie, ha ha ha! 

Tonight we had penne with a bolognese sauce - this was made with steak mince and organic cherry tomato & parmesan sauce (so good), sweet peppers and some grated parmesan on top. I also caved and had the devil's drink with my dinner (Diet Coke - no judging!) but made up for it by drinking lots of water afterwards ;)

And that's it! I was pretty full after dinner so I'm done for the day. What did you eat today? Feel free to link your own What I Ate Wednesday below!


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