My Week in Pictures - April 7th - 13th

Oh, what a week this past one was! Probably one of the best weeks of my life ;) Sorry in advance for the overload of pictures!

Still pregnant and feeling absolutely exhausted! I think I felt like he would never come at this stage...I am SO glad that part is over!

This was my induction day. I was feeling so anxious and stressed! I don't know why but I was a lot more nervous this time around than with Emilia. I had booked a hair appointment in hopes that it would make me de-stress a bit and that some pampering would calm me down! Here I am waiting for the colour to develop :)

The "after" shot of my hair! I am so happy with the can read all about that in Saturday's blog post.

And here I am later that evening! My induction was scheduled for 9pm, but as it turned out I had actually gone into the very early stages of labour myself naturally so they cancelled it. I spent the night in the hospital though, waiting to see how far I would progress by myself. I am wearing my blue polka dot night dress from Baby Be Mine (with a matching pillow case!) as well as the super cute labour socks

One of the happiest days of my life! I gave birth to this beautiful baby boy! Eduardo Jonathan Saccone Joly, born 13:12 weighing 7lbs 7oz. We are so in love with him! 

I could not believe how alike Eduardo & Emilia are! When he first came out I thought he looked identical to her. Obviously there are differences too but if you compare their newborn pictures they are so similar! The same dark hair, skin & eyes! She even got a blue blanket because the hospital didn't have enough pink...ha ha ha!

This was later in the evening when Emilia came to visit her new baby brother. She is so sweet & gentle with him...the perfect big sister!

I snapped this picture in the early hours of the morning after a quick wardrobe change ;) He is wearing an adorable Ted Baker babygrow I got him in Debenhams. I can't believe how tiny he is! For some reason I thought he would be huge...but he's only 4oz bigger than Emilia was. And all his newborn clothes are too big! 

I actually ended up coming home the day after giving birth (Thursday) because I missed Emilia & being at home so much! Last time was so different...I was really nervous about being left alone with a new baby, I didn't know how to breastfeed and I relied so much on the midwives at the hospital. This time I knew what to expect...the breastfeeding wasn't as painful, I didn't get as many stitches (or an episiotomy) so I went home! 

Here is the little prince in yet another cute babygrow...this one is from Debenhams BlueZoo.

All the way up to giving birth, I had joked to Jonathan about 'push presents' - when a husband gives their wife a gift for literally pushing out their baby. I had honestly only been joking around with him and definitely didn't expect anything! But he & Emilia surprised me with this huge bunch of flowers and Alex & Ani "Mom" bracelet! He truly is the best husband I could wish for. 

Okay, this was not planned! In fact this was Eduardo's 2nd outfit change after a big poo explosion...but here we are in matching yellow! I'm in my Boob b-warmer hoodie & he is in a Gerber babygrow. I didn't know boys could be so handsome in lemon ;)

Those were my snaps for this life-changing week! You can follow me on Instagram here.


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