Style Saturday: Easter Decor!

Happy Easter weekend! Here's a little peek inside our home at this year's Easter decor.

Wooden Easter tree with hanging bunnies & chicks - from Brown Thomas (Gisela Graham).

My beautiful bouquet from Cosatto. (This is also where Emilia's "proud sister" balloon came from!) My mom got Emilia the bunny for Easter - it actually lights up like a nightlight! The mini eggs & little watering can are from Brown Thomas and I put some wooden egg decorations in a glass bowl which used to hold a scented candle. My garden calendar was a Christmas gift from my grandmother.  

These decorative eggs are from a few different places...the sequin ones & eggs with flowers on were bought at Brown Thomas & the brighter ones are from Hanley's (if I remember correctly!).

My Easter cupcakes! I am actually pretty proud of these...thank god I finally seem to have gotten the hang of how to use my frosting tool! I used a recipe for Springtime Cupcakes from one of my very many cupcake books. These are lemon & vanilla flavour and they made my whole house smell DIVINE! I am obsessed with vanilla scents so these are right up my alley :) So much better than chocolate, in my opinion! And Jonathan tasted one & said they are his favourite cupcakes yet...that's a good sign, folks! He is very fussy about desserts. Here is the recipe that I used in case you guys are interested:

The cupcake cases & bunny toppers were from Brown Thomas.

I also picked up a wooden "Egg Hunt" sign & another Happy Easter decoration from Gisela Graham. Her stuff is so cute! Pleeeease excuse the ridiculously overgrown grass in our back garden but what can I say...I don't take credit for mowing the lawn!! (Or any sort of gardening for that matter!)

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend! I can't wait for Emilia to experience her first proper egg hunt tomorrow ;)


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