What I Ate Wednesday {27.3.14}

My breakfast was the same as always...I know, pretty boring but I do love my porridge! Flahavans Natural Quick Oats with cinnamon, 1/2 banana and almond milk. I also had a big pint of water and a vanilla Nespresso.  

For lunch we went to M&S where Jonathan & I always get their "Fuller for Longer" toasted sandwich - it's made with chicken, peppers & the cheese is melted into the top of the bread. Soooo good! To drink I had still water.

I didn't snack in between lunch & dinner because I actually went to bed (I've been so tired lately!) so I took a 2 hour nap and wasn't hungry. For dinner we had Thai prawn chilli & lemongrass fishcakes with Mediterranean veggie rice. This has eggplant, tomatoes & peppers in it! I also had some naughty ketchup on the side. To drink I had another pint of water!

My dessert was my current go-to...the Dairy Milk Ritz & Lu bars (have to have one of each!) with a vanilla Nespresso. Last time I posted about these I got a request to show what they looked like out of the wrappers...well, here you go! My mouth is watering just looking at this picture, I seriously have a problem! I think I'm addicted!! 

Those were my eats for the day. I also drank about 2L of water, which I've been very good about these past few weeks and I think it's made a big difference to my skin! It's hard sometimes but once you get into the habit of it everyday it gets easier. You can watch my What I Ate Wednesday video here:


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