What I Ate Wednesday {Easter Edition!}

This week I thought I would show you guys what I ate on Easter Sunday! I always think it's interesting to learn about different cultures & holiday food traditions...my own family is a bit of a mixed bag! So here's what we ate this Easter.

Since I can remember, we have always eaten the same thing for breakfast on Easter Sunday - La Colomba! It's a traditional Italian "cake" or "sweet bread" would probably be a better way of describing it. There are three types that we generally eat on different holidays, at Christmas it's either Pandoro or Panettone but Colomba is definitely my favourite! It has candied fruit on the inside and a sugar crust with almonds on it. It tastes amazing with a cup of coffee in the morning! This was also Emilia's first time having Colomba and she loved it, although she didn't eat a lot...actually I think she quickly figured out that the crust was the best part - ha ha ha! Along with my big hunk of a slice I had a Nespresso Vanilia and a pint of water with apple flavoured Spatone.

Lunch was nothing special, as we had plans to eat at my mom's later that evening so we didn't make a big deal. There were no full size ciabatta bread-rolls left so I had two of Emilia's mini ones with tuna made with light mayo & melted cheese (basically a tuna melt) and some slices of cucumber on the side! I also drank another big pint of water.

Afternoon Coffee
I drank a cup of Nespresso Vivalto Lungo (I ran out of decaf, but these are only level 4 - very weak!) while catching up on some editing & blogging during Emilia & Eduardo's naptime. I actually didn't eat any snack after that as I was pretty full after lunch.

We went to my mom's house for dinner...this was her Easter table setting!

Usually we have roast lamb with potatoes & peas for Easter dinner but this year my mom made something different! She used a recipe from her Two Greedy Italians cookbook - Agnello con Piselli Freschi (lamb with fresh peas) which was sort of a stew. It was absolutely delicious! Yum yum :) To drink I had...yes, you guessed it. More water!

For dessert we had apple tart from La Cocina - a beautiful apple custard pastry which I've featured on WIAW before! 

After we got home that evening I had another Nespresso Vivalto...it also occurred to me that I never ate any chocolate! I have since gotten stuck into my stash, but I wanted to share what I got :) My mom gave me a white chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny & Jonathan gave me a Lir White Chocolate Pearl & Butterfly Egg. Can you tell I love white chocolate...ha ha.

To drink during the whole day I had about 2L+ water. And that's it! Let me know what you eat for Easter! You can watch this week's What I Ate video here!


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