Beauty Tuesday: May Favourites 2014!

Sorry this blog post is a tad late, but with sick babies and all that we've been having a hard time getting them down at night! :( Anyway, I have a few new favourites this month that I've been dying to share!  Here they are:

As you guys know, I recently got my hair cut & the colour re-done. This is the shampoo & conditioner they use at my salon so I decided to pick some up! So far I love it. My hair type is dry & very thick so the Wella System Professional Hydrate range works well. I also love their LuxeOil which I featured in my favourites last month! The products smell amazing & I love how they make my hair feel. Soft & shiny!

May was also the month that I finally got to put my new Clarisonic Luxe Cashmere brush head to the test! I change my brush head every 3 months and was due to change it at the beginning of May. Prior to that I had been using the standard one that came with my Clarisonic. The cashmere head is soooo soft & feels incredible on your skin! It's like a little bunny rabbit or Maltese puppy...ha ha ha! I also love how gentle this is - so you can use it around the delicate eye area too. I don't know if I can ever go back to the other brush heads after's just so luxurious!

(Sorry about the weird lighting in these swatches hands are not orange I promise!)

While in the airport last week I picked up some new lip products from Lancome! I got their Lip Lover lipgloss in the shade Beige Adage. I love the packaging of this - it opens with a clicky button which is quite cool! This shade is definitely named wrong's much more of a pink than a beige and I find it matches perfectly with my Estée Lauder Crystal Baby lipstick. A lovely neutral pink shade.

I also picked up one of their new Rouge in Love lipsticks - this is 200B Rose Thé. I'm so glad I tried these out because I love this colour! It's a beautiful brown-ish/peachy nude with warm undertones. Creamy and not too matte, this gives my lips enough of a sheen to be worn without any gloss at all. I originally had bought the lipgloss to go with it but the colours are totally different. Here's what the lipstick looks like on. I've been wearing it pretty much non-stop since I got it!

Lastly, we have the Real Techniques Modern Natural Palette. At first I thought this would be too matte/not enough shimmer for me but I was wrong! The eyeshadows are actually very pretty on, quite subtle and not overpowering but highly pigmented at the same time. I'm very impressed with the colour pay-off and have been wearing them on my eyes almost everyday since I got this in the post. I admit I haven't used the blush, highlight or lipglosses this review is just based on the eye shadows & liner. Here's a better look at how they appear once applied:

Those were my beauty favourites for the month of May! Hopefully you will find this helpful next time you're shopping :) I recommend all of these products very highly!

Now it's good night from me...I'm off to bed!


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