Fashion Friday: Toddler Room/Closet Tour!

Here is a little update on what Emilia's room & closet look like at 19 months old...bearing in mind that this setup is rather temporary as we are moving country very soon! (You can see what it looked like back in November 2012 when she was 2 months old here!) I had planned to move Emilia out of the box room nursery and into her "big girl room" but as we are now moving house those plans have been postponed! She will be getting a lovely bedroom in our new house in London so in the meantime, this is what her very small nursery and closet look like!

Her bedroom door

Her crib (which will be Eduardo's soon ;)

The main part of her tiny closet. I only hang/display items in her size that she currently fits into (because of the space issue!) so in here I have hung dresses, shirts & any bulky jumpers that can't be stored folded. The rest of Emilia's clothes are stored in big plastic bins labelled according to the size. The four you see here are only the few that fit inside her closet! The rest are in our spare room.

I store Emilia's shoes in their boxes for now...she doesn't have that many so it's not a problem and I feel it keeps them better! Again I tend to donate or give away any shoes of hers that don't fit anymore and only keep what she wears or will eventually grow into. I hate clutter! In the back I also store her bows in two special edition Glossyboxes :) 

On the other side of Emilia's closet there are shelves, where I have folded all the rest of her clothes. The top shelf contains her bathing suits (not shown in picture), the one underneath has leggings/pants & long-sleeve tops (this is what I pull from the most!), underneath that we have tutus and pyjamas at the back, short sleeve tops and vests in the front. Under that we have two pink baskets full of her socks/tights and another one with some special items from when Emilia was a baby like embroidered bibs/burp cloths along with her underwear. In the bottom shelf I just kept any items that are neutral/can be used by Eduardo. Such as hats, bibs, socks & a basket of burp cloths!

And that's it from Emilia's tiny little nursery & closet tour! It's nothing special and definitely a temporary set-up but maybe it'll give you some ideas if you're stuck for space! You can watch my Toddler Closet Tour below!


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  1. Anna what pattern is on emilias lamp when it lights up? My daughter saw the one you got for Eduardo and now wants one for her room :) xx


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