Mommy Monday: My Daily Routine!

A lot of people have asked me to do a post on my daily routine as well as how I manage anything done during the day...well here is how I do it! Working from home with two kids under two can be hard & stressful at times but I find with a good routine in place, anything is possible! This is how I maximise whatever time I have and make the most out of my day. I know this will change as the kids grow & get older but here is our little family's routine as it stands right now.

7am: I get up & start my day. Eduardo currently wakes for his "first" feed at about 6/6:30am so I'm usually already awake by this time. Since he's fed & happy I am free to leave him in bed with Jonathan while I get the chance to shower, put on makeup, get dressed, fix my hair, etc. I make a conscious effort to do this every single day as I think it makes me feel more awake & refreshed, no matter how tired I am! I also think taking a little "me-time" out of my day to look after myself is important!

7.30am: Emilia usually wakes up when she hears me getting ready and gets into bed with her daddy & Eduardo for some morning snuggles :)

8am: Breakfast! I eat breakfast with Emilia while Jonathan gets to work (he usually works all morning on editing/rendering/uploading). Eduardo is normally happy to go in his bouncer after being fed earlier that morning. I try to eat all my meals at the table with Emilia as I think it's an important bonding time!

9am: After I clean the kitchen and put away the breakfast things, I get the kids dressed for the day. I also don't feel like I've fully started my day until all the beds are made! I then put on a load of laundry (which is normally everyday in this house!), and we come back downstairs where I feed Eduardo again.

10am-12pm: I try to schedule any doctor's appointments, playdates, errands or anything else like that for this time. It's when Emilia needs the most activity to ensure she goes down well for her nap and Eduardo is usually quite happy to sleep in the car/his stroller. Otherwise we try to organise something else for Emilia to do like go to her Oma's house or play with a friend.

12pm: Lunch time! Normally we eat at home but sometimes we do go out :) Again I always try to eat with Emilia & then feed Eduardo after. I clear up the lunch things while she finishes up/plays with her toys. Then her daddy puts her down for her nap!

1:30pm-3:30pm: Nap time! Emilia still sleeps for about 2 hours which is amazing. If I'm lucky, I have fed Eduardo by this time and he will go down for a nap too. This is my "free time" to film, edit videos, write blog posts, catch up on emails, walk the dogs and basically try to get everything done while the babies are sleeping!

3/4pm: Snack time! We try not to let Emilia sleep past 4pm at the latest so that she goes to bed that night. After her nap she drinks her milk, eats a small snack & watches Peppa Pig or Ben & Holly while I'm feeding Eduardo or catching up on some editing. 

4/5pm: The late afternoon is when we try to organise some sort of outside playtime for Emilia (and eventually I'll do this with Eduardo!). I think fresh air helps kids sleep better! Obviously this is weather permitting but if it is nice outside, Jonathan will bring Emilia out for some playtime with her friends on our road while I get started on dinner.

6pm: Dinner time! Recently I've been doing more of the cooking, whereas in the past it was Jonathan who prepared most of our meals. So far I'm really enjoying cooking for the family! Once again, I try to get Eduardo fed right before-hand so that he is happy to sit in his bouncer while we eat dinner together.

7pm: Bath time! Jonathan will usually start bath-time while I clean up the kitchen. Eduardo goes first, then I take him and put on his lotion & pj's. Emilia goes after him and I start the bedtime feed in her room so I can say goodnight after her shower. When she comes in for her lotion & pj's I give her a goodnight kiss & move into our room where I finish off the rest of Eduardo's feed.

8pm: Bedtime. Usually both babies are in bed (and hopefully asleep!) by 8, all going according to plan! Emilia sleeps in her room and Eduardo in the co-sleeper in ours. He will usually sleep until about 11 or midnight if I'm really lucky!

8-10pm: Party time for mom & dad! Jonathan and I usually take full advantage of our kid-free evenings by vegging out on the couch, watching our favourite shows & eating chocolate :) We try to go to bed at 10 so that we can get some sort of sleep before Eduardo wakes up for his night feeds. Then the whole thing repeats itself again the next morning! 

Feel free to watch my video on our daily routine here!

However I have to warn you that I'm very sniffly & congested...we've all been hit by a horrible cold! :( 


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  1. Hi Anna! This is an amazing post, I love the pictures and the way you've written it :)
    I adore your daily vlogs and your own channel vlogs too, you have a wonderful family!
    This blog post has inspired me to write my own 'Get ready with me' on my blog, if you could check mine out and let me know if I'm doing ok I would love it!
    Thank you for being amazing Anna :)


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