My Week in Pictures - April 28th - May 4th

Just hanging out with my two babies :) I love how much they look like each other! It's actually surprisingly easy to breastfeed Eduardo & still bond with Emilia at the same time. She loves to sit on the sofa with me while I'm nursing!

I snapped this picture at breakfast in our hotel, right before we set off for a full day of house viewings! The day before, we flew to London and brought these two monkeys along with us. I'll admit I was pretty apprehensive & a bit anxious about travelling with two under two...especially because I knew this wasn't going to be a particularly fun trip for Emilia, being that we were to spend the three days either viewing houses, attending meetings and sitting in a car/plane. But both babies were actually incredibly well-behaved. I must say Jonathan and I are very lucky parents! Even in her crankiest moments, Emilia is not a difficult toddler. Yes, travelling with two small children is quite stressful but not anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be! Luckily Eduardo is so tiny all he does anyway is eat, sleep & poop so aside from having to breastfeed in some rather awkward situations, he was very easy!

Another day, another hotel breakfast! This was our last day in London. Emilia was so cute, we asked her to say cheese and she kept looking up at me when she said it! Normally she is a total daddy's girl but on this trip I feel like she bonded with me a lot. I don't know why but I remember when we went to Sorrento last summer it was the same - she tends to get clingier towards me when we travel for some reason. Have any other moms experienced this?! 

These were the outfits Emilia & I featured on our Style Saturday post yesterday! She is also on a Peppa Pig kick at the moment which is funny because she had gone off her and was all about Minnie Mouse (she still is) but lately she's reverted back to Peppa! Maybe it's because we were in England and she recognised the accent...ha ha ha :)

I visited my mama yesterday & she sent me home with these amazing lemon cloud cookies baked by my sister Emma. I had two last night for dessert with a caramel Nespresso...they are delicious! They have a lemon cream filling which is to die-for!

Here are my sleeping boys this morning! This is how I am able to get ready in the mornings...I feed Eduardo at 7am and then put him into our bed with his daddy so I can shower, put makeup on and get dressed! Last night was the first night we successfully put both babies to bed at the same time. Meaning that Eduardo went to sleep in the co-sleeper and not back downstairs with us...success! Hopefully he will be in a bedtime routine by the time we move (fingers crossed!!)

I spent the day doing what I love...baking vanilla cupcakes with Emilia! Well, she helped with the decorating :) Counting out all the chocolate beans & placing them carefully on each cupcake! 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! To keep up with my iPhone snaps throughout the week you can follow me on Instagram here


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