My Week in Pictures - May 5th - 11th

Emilia "helped" me to film videos this week!  

On Tuesday her Oma took her for a few hours so I could get some work done...and she wore this adorable outfit! I have no idea where it's from, it was a gift. (Sorry!) I think it makes her look so grown up!

Wednesday was my mom's birthday, so Emilia & Eduardo got dressed up in their special outfits! Emilia's dress & footless tights are from Next, Eduardo is all in Zara Baby. I can't believe I got this shot of them both smiling!

This was also the day Eduardo turned 4 weeks! Isn't he a handsome little studmuffin :)

For my mom's birthday dinner we went to the Maryborough Hotel - the food was delicious!! We went here for my birthday too, and I ordered the same dessert because I loved it so much. Croissant bread & butter pudding... *drool* It was amazing!

On Friday I had both kiddies by myself in the morning as Jonathan went mountain biking...I did attempt to film for next week but I lost one of the clips & as a result it's a bit of a mess! :( But these things happen... Anyway, they do look adorable together :)

I went to my mom's house for lunch and was served this beauty for dessert! Her birthday cake was a delicious Key Lime Pie baked by my sister Emma. I literally could have eaten the whole pie..and yes that is whipped cream beside it! 

Emilia turned 20 months today!! Can you believe it...I have a 20 month old and a 1 month old! This picture made me laugh because I had just asked her to kiss her brother and she did this, but then about 5 seconds later she kissed him anyway :) 

That was my week! You can follow me on Instagram here. I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend! I'm trying to get started on packing up this house...slowly but surely! 


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