Style Saturday: Changes!

Today marked the first real summery day of the year...finally! I woke up this morning with a smile on my face because I knew from the sun beaming through my window that it was going to be beautiful! 

The warmer weather also welcomes a lighter wardrobe which I'm very happy about! I bought these pants in Capri last summer and this is only my second time wearing them! I found out I was pregnant just after getting back from Italy and wore them once before the Irish weather returned to its usual dreariness & I got too big to fit into them anymore! We bought them in a tiny Fiorucci boutique and I fell in love with the colour...I love them with white although they are totally a summer piece! Today I'm wearing them with a white Boob nursing singlet and my white Havaianas.

Emilia's outfit is all from The Children's Place (leggings available in pink here!). She is wearing her Sofia the First headband from Heather's Bonny Bows with a lavender Layniebug Designs bow and her StartRite cupcake shoes (similar style here)! If this nice weather continues, she will need some summer sandals! :)

I also wanted to let you guys know of some changes that are going to be happening on my blog & YouTube channel here soon. As you may have noticed the past 2-3 months have been some of the most productive I've ever had with regards my posts, and this had a lot to do with my sister Erika minding Emilia weekday mornings for the first month and 1/2. Once she went back to school my mom has helped take Emilia a few mornings a week but with Eduardo here now too it's become quite difficult to find the time to do everything in the same capacity as before. Right now I am posting 5 videos a week and 7 blog posts and although I love & am passionate about my work it's gotten to the point where I'm getting burnt out and am finding that I have zero free time anymore. I spend all the time I have editing, filming & writing blog posts when I'm not feeding or looking after Emilia & Eduardo! 

At this point I feel like something's got to give and with the big move coming up I know things are only going to get a lot busier! So I've decided to cut down a little bit and from now on I'll be posting 3 videos a week instead of 5, and 5 blog posts instead of 7. I know some of you will be disappointed and for that I am sorry! But I do feel that in the long run it's for the best as I have a lot of exciting plans for my future posts & videos, however they require time & effort which I currently do not have. Hopefully with these new changes I will have more good quality time to put into making these plans happen :) I also want to ensure that I enjoy my family & "me-time" which is important too! 

For example over the past two days I've fallen behind on editing because I chose to take all the doggies on an hour long walk during the babies' naptime...but it made me realise that I need this free time, even if just to get some fresh air & step away from the laptop for a while! I do tend to have a bit of an obsessive personality and am a total perfectionist so once I put my mind to something I want to tackle it head on & full-force and will often put my life & soul into it until I have no energy left! I need to learn to balance things a bit better...and I think that this new posting schedule will hopefully improve that!

In the meantime thank you for always reading & supporting - I really do appreciate all of you so much! Without you guys I could not do what I do...and for that I am truly grateful! 


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  1. I know this is a super old post, but I was doing some blog stalking, Ive watched your vlog from early emilia pregnancy updates but have slacked on the blog! :) I just wanted to say thank you for taking the immense amount of time that you do to write your blog and film. I have to say I was happy to see you put out there that you were taking a little step back, you deserve it, every mama needs me time and husband time. I have recently started a daily vlog and have already fallen behind, it takes a crazy amount of time that I just never realized. You deserve a big "thank you" and "great job" both as mommy/wife and business woman. I see all the negative feedback on youtube, and I just wanted to let you know you do an amazing job, and as a side note my son loves watching the daily videos every morning at breakfast, he first fell in love with emilia and now "wado" as he calls him ( hes 1.5 ). Love from the states. xo


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