Style Saturday: Mommy Daughter Stripes!

On Saturdays we wear stripes! Okay, that's not actually true...but we do like them in this family! I'm wearing one of my new Boob nursing tops that I featured in my Postpartum Fashion Haul. I refuse to give in to the miserable weather! It's May, okay Ireland? Not December :( I also froze my tootsies off in these sandals - but again I'm too stubborn to go back to wearing boots!! After taking these pictures I threw on a navy blue cardigan. Unfortunately Ireland doesn't seem to have gotten the memo that it's spring.  

My jeans are actually from ASOS Maternity! They are possibly the most ridiculous, impractical maternity jeans I ever purchased...they are the type with an elasticated bit on both sides of the waist band which is supposed to grow with you. Well it grows with you if you're giving birth to a grape. Or if you just ate a big meal...not if you're actually pregnant with a human baby!! So while I would never recommend these to any pregnant lady, they do come in handy when you haven't quite reached your pre-pregnancy weight yet ;)

I got these sandals from TK Maxx and unfortunately they are horribly uncomfortable! But for some reason I felt like wearing them today...maybe I just like to torture myself. I have to say my favourite part of this outfit is the Boob top - the material is so soft & stretchy and I was pleasantly surprised by how flattering the fit is! My bracelets are from Alex & Ani, earrings are from Orelia and I'm wearing my gold Scorpio necklace from my dad. My nails are not painted because I fail at life never have time to do them anymore!! 

Emilia's outfit is kind of matching with mine! She is wearing a striped cat jumper from Next, Matalan leggings, Clarks shoes & a red Layniebug Designs bow with a lace headband from Heather's Bonny Bows. I love her in red, white & blue :)

A little update on our moving situation...we viewed a ton of houses on Thursday while we were in London and fell in love with one of them. We put in an offer on Friday and heard back good news this morning :) So it's official! We have a house and will be moving to the UK at the end of the month. I'm so excited & nervous at the same time!!


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