Style Saturday: Tired Mama!

I realise that I've featured variations of this outfit on my blog before (exhibit A and B), but here's the spring/postpartum/breastfeeding version! The pants are by Selected Femme, the gilet/jacket is from Vila and my nursing top is by Boob. My ballet flats are from New Look, bracelets are Alex & Ani and my earrings are from Orelia!

Emilia is all in pastels today! Her jumper is by DPAM, jeans are from Next and her shoes are from Start Rite. She is also wearing a lace headband from Heather's Bonny Bows and pale pink bow from LaynieBug Designs

Today was another one of those days where I am just exhausted! I'm getting to that point where I would actually do just about anything for a full night's sleep! :( I know it's only temporary but I think that's the hardest part of having a newborn baby...the sheer exhaustion & tiredness! I feel like if I weren't so tired I would get so much more done. I had a goal to pack up my cupcake room today but between breastfeeding, blogging, filming videos, looking after Emilia & walking dogs, laundry etc. etc. time just got away from me! My mom keeps reminding me that moving is the second most stressful life event...ha ha, thanks Mama!! ;)


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