Throwback Thursday: Cruising in Monaco!

Here's a more recent throwback to last October from our cruise! We went on a shore excursion to Monaco and although it was very beautiful, I don't recommend doing guided tours or shore excursions like this with babies and/or if you're pregnant! I was 17 weeks and Emilia was 13 months old...probably not the best time to go on a cruise! But it was an experience all the same, and I'm happy I got to see a couple of places that I'd never visited before!

Emilia and her daddy...those were her first shoes!

It seems so strange looking at these pictures without Eduardo! Although he was in my belly :) But now that he's here I can't even imagine life without him!

I also uploaded a video on shaping up for summer...check it out if you're interested in getting started with me!


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