What I Ate Wednesday {7.5.14}

This was the same as always! Flahavans Natural Quick Oats with almond milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries & ground cinnamon on top. I also had a Nespresso coffee.

We don't eat out for lunch very often anymore but when we do one of our favourite places is Table Restaurant in Brown Thomas! This is what I almost always order & I have featured it on my blog before...it's the goat's cheese salad with beetroot, candied pecans, quinoa and parsnip crisps. Yum!

Afternoon Coffee
I had a decaf Nespresso :) No snack as I was saving myself for dinner - we were going out to eat as it was my mom's birthday!

For my mom's birthday dinner we went to the Maryborough House Hotel which is where we also went for my birthday in November. Their food is amazing, ever since they changed their restaurant last year! I ordered deep-fried mushroom risotto...it was SO delicious! It looks like bread in the picture because it came sort of inside a crust - I was so impressed! It also came with some grilled zucchini and cherry tomatoes.

Emilia got chicken goujons & chips...to be honest their kids' menu wasn't great. They didn't really have any healthy options. She didn't eat much of this but her dessert made up for it! 

This was the best dessert I've had in ages! I loved this so much on my birthday, I had to get it again :) It's a croissant bread & butter pudding with creme anglaise on the side. Bread & butter pudding is a total guilty pleasure of mine. I don't order it very often but I LOVE it! I also got a decaf coffee with this but it was instant and tasted gross :(

Emilia got a chocolate brownie with chocolate ice-cream...she and her dad devoured this :) 

To drink I just had water throughout the day (about 2L) and that was it! I hope you guys enjoyed this WIAW birthday special! You can watch the video here:


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