What I Ate Wednesday {London Edition!}

This week's What I Ate is brought to you from London! I decided it would be fun to record what I ate last week when we were travelling/house hunting, and here it is! I feel I should also preface this post with a disclaimer...this day wasn't very healthy, so dieters look away! As most of you know it's not always easy to keep things super healthy when you're travelling but no guilt here - I enjoyed every morsel! :)

I love croissants for breakfast, they're my guilty pleasure whenever we're at a hotel! I'm not a big fry/cooked meats person so you'll never see me ordering full English/Irish breakfasts...although Jonathan loves them! I had two mini croissants & a big cup of coffee :) I also took my Spatone with me so I had that with water (my water consumption was HORRIBLE on this trip though!). 

We drove all over London looking at houses and ended up eating lunch in Enfield at a little café called ChooChoo's. It was actually really nice! They had lots of toys for kids & a couch for moms to relax and drink their coffee, almost like a mini daycare/mommy group! I ordered a tuna melt panino with red onion and a side salad of cucumber, lettuce, tomato & sweetcorn. Nothing fancy but I was famished, so it tasted like the yummiest sandwich in the world!! I also had another cup of coffee.

We ate dinner at Carluccio's! We were so happy to find one in the area...they have the best food! I ordered my favourite dish, spaghetti alle vongole. Actually any kind of seafood pasta is my favourite - it's pretty much all I order when we're in Italy! This was so so good. To drink I had water. Even though I didn't drink a whole lot on this trip I have been very good & staying away from Diet Coke. It's not the best for breastfeeding...well, it's not the best for your overall health either!

This was by far my favourite meal of the day (when is it not?!). I ordered a strawberry & mascarpone tart which came with a scoop of Carluccio's vanilla ice-cream. OMG. I could have eaten 15 of these...the mascarpone was on point! Unfortunately I had to eat this rather awkwardly while breastfeeding Eduardo who was becoming fussy so it was hard to break the pastry apart but I still enjoyed every bite!

After dessert I also got an espresso shot which comes with a glass of water (good idea!). I'm a little piggy so I dunked my ice-cream into the espresso...ha ha ha!

Hope you guys enjoyed this London edition of What I Ate! Sorry it wasn't very healthy...well at least I had strawberries for dessert, eh?! ;) You can watch the video below!


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