Fashion Friday: Think Pink!

Goodness knows I probably already have an outfit post with the very same title but at this point of the evening I'm too tired to care! Sorry! We are thoroughly enjoying the beautiful English summer weather...I know this is not a common thing, but the UK does tend to have better weather than Ireland so we are lapping it all up while it lasts!

Now that I've finally got my wardrobe somewhat unpacked & in order, I've been loving the brighter colours - these neon pink pants are a favourite of mine! Bought in Capri last summer from Fiorucci. My blouse is from Vero Moda. Not the best option for breastfeeding in public but thankfully we tend to leave the house in between feeds so my open-blouse boobage was kept to the confines of our living room only!! The pink bow flats are from ASOS (around four years ago now). My earrings are from Krystal (again, ASOS) and I'm wearing my gold Alex & Ani bracelets, Scorpio necklace from my dad and Estée Lauder Crystal Baby lipstick. On my nails is Zoya "Barbie". 

Emilia is wearing a pair of teal jeggings from The Children's Place, a Zara t-shirt and her Start Rite cupcake shoes which are getting a bit small :-/ I'm not sure where the teal bow-bow is from but her headband is from Holly's Bonny Bows. She is wearing her butterfly "backpack" (harness) and insisted on taking this HUGE Hello Kitty with her today. She even brought it into the Disney shop, picked up a Minnie Mouse toy (which we later bought for her) and then promptly asked for Hello Kitty back so she could hold both. Evidently she didn't want Hello Kitty to feel replaced ;)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :) I am looking forward to baking cupcakes with my new KitchenAid that I finally bought today after my last mixer went up in smoke last week!! 


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