Mommy Monday: Emilia's Harness Buddy!

This week I wanted to share a "Mommy Must-have" that I have found to be a total lifesaver when it comes to looking after an active toddler! Whenever we leave the house, we are faced with the battle of trying to figure out what to do with Emilia...she is at that stage now where she totally dislikes being strapped into a stroller, but she is still too young to realise the dangers of running off or not holding onto mommy/daddy's hand. Also whenever we get to a shopping centre or public place all she wants to do is RUN free! I love that she is so independent but at the same time, I need to keep her safe!

I first saw the GoldBug Harness Buddy on an instagram picture of my friend's toddler, Nika. I had seen harnesses before (I had one myself when I was a baby!) but nothing like this. Nika's harness was soft like a cuddly toy (hers is a teddy bear) and looked more like a fun backpack. I thought it was a wonderful idea & Jonathan and I scoured the internet for local stockists but to our disappointment we could never find one for Emilia. We even tried putting a regular toddler harness on her at one stage which we had found in Sam McCauley's and she screamed bloody murder...ha ha ha, clearly that did not go down well! 

Eventually my mom found ONE GoldBug Harness Buddy in Bella Baby (there was literally only one left!). It's a cute pink butterfly with a little pouch at the back, soft reins that clip at the front and a detachable "lead" which is also made from the same plush material. Emilia is in love with her butterfly buddy! She wants to put it on whenever we go out and actually gets upset when we have to take it off to get into the car. I have used it a couple of times when we're out and it makes running around after her so much easier. I can control where she runs off to better and she doesn't get annoyed or seem to even realise that she's attached to me. I like that it gives Emilia the sense of freedom while still keeping her safe.

What do you think of toddler harnesses? Have you used one before/did they work for you? It seems they are pretty controversial but I think they're invaluable, especially one like Emilia's Harness Buddy as it looks more like a fun toy than a lead! Let me know your thoughts below. 


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post...I just really like the product & wanted to share with other moms!


  1. I think it's a great way to ensure where your child is. It also gives the parent peace of mind not having to wonder if your child would ever run off. I have seen toddlers run in to the street and have experienced a scare like that myself. Awesome safety tool.

  2. This looks great! I can still remember wearing a pink leather harness and reins when I was a little girl - I hated the harness and the reins were restrictive. I have been looking at various backpacks for my girl and will definitely consider this one. I think that the integral straps on a stroller or high chair are much better than a harness.
    Thanks again.


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