Mommy Monday: 3 Month Postpartum / Baby Update!

Here is the belly at 3 months postpartum! I did lose more weight this month due to exclusively breastfeeding which I wasn't happy with, so I slowly tried to gain it back as I feel I'm my healthiest around the 115lb mark. I didn't change anything about my eating habits/non-existent workout routine though! It's all to do with the fact that breastfeeding burns an extra 500 calories a it's hard sometimes to keep up with that! But I'm back to normal now and trying to maintain my weight. 

Eduardo at 3 months old! 

Height/Weight: No idea, sorry! He has definitely grown though as he's going up in clothing sizes!

Routine: His bedtime is around 8/9pm (we've been way off the normal routine with all the travelling lately though!) and he wakes around 6:30am/7am. He still cat-naps throughout the day but I've noticed he probably needs to start napping in his cot or somewhere quieter/away from noise. He will feed around 5 times a day.

Sleeping: At 2 months old, Eduardo started sleeping through the night. It was amazing!! And then we went to Ireland for a week...between sleeping in the same hotel room and breaking the normal routine, he's back to waking once a night again :( Boo! It was fun while it lasted though. Hopefully we'll get back to that again!

Eating/Feeding: Like I said above, he is still breastfeeding exclusively and probably feeds around 5 times a day.

Sizes: Eduardo is wearing all 3-6 months clothing now except for pants which are a mix of 0-3 and 3 months...he has rather short legs! He is still wearing size 3 nappies. 

Milestones: Eduardo now grabs onto things and reaches for his toys. He especially likes his teething rings/toys in particular. He just started teething this month and I can see the two bottom front teeth coming up!! He also loves to sit up...sometimes he will object to being anywhere other than sitting! I've noticed that he enjoys moving around and changing his surroundings a lot more, whereas before he was comfortable with just being in his swing or stroller, now he likes to mix it up between lying on his playmat, sitting in a bouncer chair and in his TrippTrapp (never for very long though!). 

Watch our 3 month baby/postpartum update here!


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  1. Do you have any tips for getting them back to sleeping longer spurts at night? Cant get my little guy past his 5am feeding


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