4 Month Baby & Postpartum Update!

Here's what Eduardo looks like at 4 months old! I definitely think he has developed from a tiny baby who sleeps all day to a proper little personality who needs a lot more stimulation & entertainment! It's so much more fun when they reach that age :) And it's lovely to see the interaction between him & Emilia! This month brought lots of teething, drooling & gnawing on hands/teething toys/anything else he can manage to pick up, as well as better hand-eye coordination (hence the picking up of things!). Eduardo has also begun to sit up lots more and we bought him an exersaucer which he really enjoys! He likes to sit in his highchair at mealtimes so that he is part of the family (although no solids yet - he's still just on the breastmilk!). And he LOVES to stand which is a big difference to Emilia. She always wanted to sit and didn't show much interest in standing till about 10 months whereas Eduardo will lock his legs and want to stand for longer periods of time!

Here's what I look like at 4 months postpartum (not much change at all from last month...). Sorry about the out of focus pictures, I need a new lens :( When the lighting isn't good it doesn't focus very well! I am at the same weight as I was last month as I don't plan to lose anymore but I have been doing some gentle strength training...nothing major though so don't expect any ab muscles, ha ha ha! 

You can watch our 4 month update above!


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