Body Confidence After Baby #2!

If you had asked me to post a blog featuring full on pictures of me in a bikini three years ago (pre-baby) I would have shuddered at the thought. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have been confident enough to do it EVEN THOUGH my body was probably "better" then. I had a slimmer waist, perkier boobs and less cellulite but I lacked the most important thing of all - confidence! Now my body is far from perfect...two babies later I have the stretch marks & saggy skin to prove it. I'm breastfeeding so at any given time one boob is normally a bit bigger than the other, my belly button jiggles and at the end of a big meal I look like I have a food baby. But all of these things are reminders of what my body went through to produce two beautiful children, and I couldn't be more proud. 

I see comments knocking women's confidence ALL the time, especially online. Whether it's on a picture of some celebrity, blogger or just a normal girl like me...some women make it their mission to point out every flaw in a ridiculous attempt to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities. I challenge you all to do the opposite of that, and post a picture of yourself in a bikini (or bathing suit, whatever you're comfortable in!) with the hashtag #ilovemybikinibody. Don't worry about flaws, imperfections or insecurities...they are all a part of you which is what makes you beautiful & different from everybody else. You can upload on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook - leave encouraging & uplifting comments on pictures of other women as well and let's spread some positivity for a change :) 

To watch my video on this whole subject & find out how I lost the baby weight after #2, click above!



  1. Wow you look amazing, kudos for posting this up I am terrified to show my body x

  2. Wow, I loved this entry and video especially with it being the New Year and not feeling my best after enjoying myself a bit too much. Keep the body confidence posts coming :) Kay x

  3. Love! I look forward to watching your show every evening. Yeah, it sucks (and is also kinda ironic) that body confidence doesn't kick in until we get older. I really admire you for posting these pictures. You look fabulous!

  4. you are so brave! Congrats after clicking that publish button you must feel 1000000x better already!

  5. Where did you get the bikini you're wearing in this video? I'm looking for a similar style bottom because I also am a little saggy and have stretch marks in that region!

  6. YOU LOOK AMAZING, SLIM AND SEXY!!! But don't forget the most important beauty is inside. I'm a bulimic in a recovery, I know you struggled with it in past and I think you're so brave because you've talked about it. I hope you enjoy a very happy life with your husband and children and if you are feeling bad sometimes you can just talk to me. My real name is Ainhoa (such a common name on my country). Kisses from Basque Country ;)

    1. I really hope you're okay x

  7. You look amazing, it was so great meeting you at the Big Walkies!

  8. You looks so hot with this beautiful bikini! I want to try that for at least one cause it seems to me so hot. By the way, Have any alternative color? let me know please and thanks!
    maternity bikini swimwear

  9. OMG ANA.. just cried. bc I feel like I could never look this good in a bikini.. ever after having a baby :(... you look soo good!!!


Please be nice...the world could use some positivity! :)

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